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Re: Curio & Relic (C&R) License: What it is and how to get o

Wed May 05, 2021 10:40 pm

hartcreek wrote:I read over that list looking for firearms that I own but it looks like a typical list some fool crat would make......for example my S&W 624 made in 1985 is on it but my Star Model B made in 1945 is not nor is my model 19 Marlin.

Gotta read the definition.

A firearm is C&R if it is 50 years old OR it is on the list. So anything over 50 won’t necessarily be on the list.

Re: Curio & Relic (C&R) License: What it is and how to get o

Wed May 19, 2021 1:15 pm

Bridger81 wrote:
MadPick wrote:As I recall, my original came with the C&R gun list . . . I think? But that was a long time ago, maybe they don't do that anymore, or maybe I'm not remember correctly. Both seem quite possible. :bigsmile:

An example bound book page and a link to the C&R list are in the first post of this thread.

Thanks, I've got that. I just expected a bit more in the envelope, that's all.

I just wanted to update the thread. I received my information packet about 2 weeks after receiving my license. It had most of the information I had been expecting, except it was missing a pamphlet on reporting stolen or lost firearms, which is available online.
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