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Black Hammer Arms

Thu Dec 27, 2018 6:59 pm

Another thumbs up to Dana.

I have a Combat Commander that a prior owner went at with his Dremel Tool, while he was drunk (That's my guess anyway.) His attempt at flaring the ejection port looked like an attempt to remove the breach face. OK, maybe it wasn't that bad but pretty freakin' close, he cut into the ejection rod pocket a tad. There was also an attempt to flare the magazine well, that my daughter with a nail file could have probably done better. If you want proof, he posted some pics of it in his FFL section.

Dana straightened it all up, and did it quickly during the holidays no less! The fact that he is in my back yard was a bonus.

Thanks a million bro!


Re: Black Hammer Arms

Sat Feb 20, 2021 5:58 pm

Had my first experience with Dana (dreadi) today. Sold a 12ga to another member.

First and foremost a stand up guy. He gets a lot of praise on this site and as I discovered today it is we'll deserved.

Check it out:

I had a 12ga "firearm" in the for sale section here and another member committed to a purchase. Couple of PM's followed by a few text's and we agreed on Saturday at noon. I sent a message to Dreadi and arranged a meet up.
Today myself and the buyer show up, knock on the door, and discover Dana is not home. His wife makes a quick phone call and find out he's had a schedule mix up.


Alright, buyer and I will go grab a quick burger and come back in 45min.

So we come back and right away Dana gets started on the transfer. Apologized for the schedule mix up and not more then 15 seconds in and tells us the transfer fee is on the house.

IMO that was exactly how business should be handled. Good job on keeping the customers happy and will 100% do business with again!

***side note: Both myself and the buyer travelled just under an hour to meet in the middle at Dana's place.
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