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 I Changed My Wallet Game 
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Location: Olympia, WA
Joined: Fri Mar 11, 2011
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Real Name: Dan
I use a Magpul DAKA - ... _color=118
It doesn't hold much cash, but it holds all of the cards I need and a few bills. I keep it in my front pocket because the wallet + back pocket = back issues, for me.

I have been pretty happy with the DAKA. I have a spare money clip that I can grab if I ever need to have a wad of cash.

As far as CPL's go.... I only carry my Oregon one, because it FITS IN THE WALLET. I have them both digitized and in my phone though. I am willing to take the risk of not being able to produce the WA one physically. LEO's can look it up in CAD, and I have a digital copy.

Wed Mar 31, 2021 5:51 am
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Location: Spanaway WA
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Real Name: Hugo Stiglitz
It amazes me how much stuff Magpul makes.

Wed Mar 31, 2021 6:43 am
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Location: Duvall
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I use this and put it in my front pocket. I don't put my phone in my pocket though. ... fe8f&_ss=r

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Wed Mar 31, 2021 9:08 am
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Location: Puyallup
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Mr. Q wrote:
scrid2000 wrote:
My reading of the statute is that you have to have the physical license:

RCW 9.41.050 wrote:
Carrying firearms.
(1)(b) Every licensee shall have his or her concealed pistol license in his or her immediate possession at all times that he or she is required by this section to have a concealed pistol license and shall display the same upon demand to any police officer or to any other person when and if required by law to do so.

So I would recommend carrying it, even though it's just an infraction if you don't, and who knows if you'll get a ticket if you have a digital copy. I've never had anyone ask for mine.

See...I read that and there isn’t anything that would prohibit me from producing my CPL in a digital form... in my non-legal opinion.

I’m thinking I’ll definitely have my CPL digitally backed up and not be so worried if I forget to switch when I pick up my super slim wallets. YMMV

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My reading is that the license itself, meaning the slip of paper or card, has to be in your immediate possession.
But like I said, I've never been asked and I doubt you'd be hassled if you had it in digital form.

Posts not legal advice.

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Wed Mar 31, 2021 8:53 pm
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Location: Bonney Lake
Joined: Fri Oct 21, 2011
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i switched to one of these 3 years ago
not super minimalist but still small enough to not be bulky and big enough to carry what i need
the 3-slot side:
debit card
costco card
credit card

windowed side:
driver's licence (with insurance card and CPL behind it)
boater's license (seasonal carry) and rideshare license behind the DL

middle: can carry up to 10 bills comfortably. up to 30 and it's noticeable no matter where you carry it

so far it has held up pretty good, just some loose strands pop out around the windowed side but a quick lighter session keeps that under control, only had to do that a couple of times so far
very minimal wear has shown around edges and corners
my personal "pros":
DL is presentable while holding up the wallet (but most dipshits want you to "pull it out" anyways)
each card (debit, credit, costco) can be pulled on it's own, not needing to pull out the whole bunch and shuffle through them
no money clip. i don't like the clip for 2 reasons. clip gets caught on things. i don't like my cash folded to shit, trying to pay with it and having to unfold it and it's all crumbled and won't stay straight? nah, ain't down with that
cost. for $10 a guy can afford to replace these every year if a guy wanted to :bigsmile: if i lose it i won't cry about it either
but like i said, it has held up pretty good, i'm sure it'll last another 3 years without any problems
i don't carry it in the back pocket and/or sit on it so it's not that abused i guess. can't have anything in the back pockets, even a single credit card is noticed by this ass :ROFLMAO:

Thu Apr 01, 2021 11:37 pm
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Location: Redmond
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This post is also brought to you by Square space.

Fri Apr 02, 2021 12:02 am
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Location: SE KC
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Real Name: Jack
I keep it simple. Same super thin wallet for the past 10+ years.



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Thu Apr 29, 2021 5:44 pm
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Location: Renton, WA
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Jack wrote:
I keep it simple. Same super thin wallet for the past 10+ years.

Y'know . . . I could see that . . . .


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Thu Apr 29, 2021 5:45 pm
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Location: South Seattle
Joined: Thu May 2, 2013
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Real Name: Steve
I use this in front left pocket...Recycled Firefighter Wallet.

It’s made from recycled Fire Hoses...sounds gimmicky, but it’s very light and durable.

I got it because I was tired of metal and leather wallets heating up when the sun is beating down on my leg while sitting outside, at a ball game, picnic, yardwork, etc., or my own body heat making it warm...

If you get on the mailing list, sometimes there are discounts, or other colors available.

A little snug at first, but breaks in over time. I think I’ve got 4 cards, license, insurance, medical, and two other things in the pocket. Elastic strap on back holds receipts & whatnot ‘til I get home, or receipts for a return, etc. ... lim-wallet

It’s also pretty popular in the EDC world...

Sat May 01, 2021 12:18 am
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