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Group buys put on by other members for other members.
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GROUP BUY #8-BULK Wood Pellets for Pellet Grills.

Mon Nov 07, 2016 5:21 am

It's that time AGAIN!! Football/Hunting/Smoking season is here!

With all the group buys in the last year and communication with the factory they have made me a dealer for WA state. I am carrying 2+ tons instock all the time now!! But would not have gotten here without you guys, so I want to keep offering group buys as a thanks to the WaGuns family.

You can choose to order on the site if you wish, or right here on this thread like all previous group buys.


Once you are setup on the site I will be giving all Group buy participants (past and present) a special 5%off discount code to use if they need to pickup a few bags between group buys. Anyone that wants/needs help, just let me know and I can setup your account from the admin side as well, just drop me a PM!

As always, NO minimum order for this group buy, you can order 1 bag or 100. You can mix and match flavors as you wish.

This order will be Mfg direct to Lumberjack Inc like always. No oils, or flavor added like the cheap pellets locally, but for a lower $ per #. The pellets produced here on the west coast are alder based. These Oak pellets from Lumberjack will have a more authentic BBQ flavor to them as that is what they use back east where BBQ originated.

(EX: 2x Hickory 100%. not just 2x Hickory)

The factory has simplified pricing a bit. There are only 3 flavors now that have special pricing. I have had problems with the last order of 40# bags and seams splitting, due to that I am only going to order in 20# bags this time as they are more durable and easier to handle for 90% of people. $/# is the same as it was for the 40#, just smaller bags.

20# STANDARD FLAVORS: $8.30/20#bag
• ALDER 100% - great for fish and a NW traditional smoking wood not often seen in pure 100% form.
• APPLE BLEND - 2/3Red Oak, 1/3 Apple
• BEECH 100% - Great for whatever you care to use it with Good with meat and seafood. Beech is a variation of Oak smoke flavor used heavily in Germany for fish Beech is one of the woods of preference over which the famed Nuremberg Bratwurst are grilled.
• CHARBLEND HICKORY - 80% Hickory/20% Charcoal - High BTU and classic charcoal grilled flavor. Approximately 12500Btu vs the normal wood 8500Btu. Most likely best used for your higher temp cooks and grilling needs.
• CHERRY 100% - Mild Sweet fruity that gives a rose color to meats
• CHERRY 80%/APPLE 20% (FRUITWOOD BLEND)- 100% pure fruitwood.
• HICKORY 100% - Bacon-flavor hickory smoked ham flavor.
• MAPLE 100% - Mild, and sweet maple flavor.
• MAPLE/HICKORY/CHERRY BLEND (COMPETITION BLEND)- Fine blend of Maple smoke flavor with a tinge of fruity Flavor and touched off with a hint of hickory.
• MAPLE/BEECH/CHERRY BLEND (SWEETWOOD BLEND)- Mild sweet combination of sweet woods giving a phenomenal flavor.
• MAPLE/CHERRY/OAK (TIMBERLINE BLEND) - Sweet and fruity blend with oak smoke undertone.
• MESQUITE BLEND - 60% Red Oak-40% Mesquite - Strong Spicy, Southwest cooking favorite.
• OAK 100% - Heavy smoke with less detectable smoke taste
• OAK/HICKORY/CHERRY BLEND (SUPREME BLEND) - Fine blend of heavy oak smoke flavor with a tinge of fruity Flavor and touched off with a hint of hickory.
• PECAN BLEND - 60% Red Oak-40% Pecan - This is a strong, real wood pecan flavor.

20# PREMIUM FLAVORS: $11.00/20#bag
• APPLE 100% - The strongest flavor of all the fruitwoods. Beef, poultry, game birds, pork
• MESQUITE 100% - One of the most popular woods in the country, mesquite is a scrubby tree that grows wild in the Southwest. Sweeter and more delicate than hickory, it's a perfect complement to richly flavored meats such as steak, duck or lamb.
• PECAN 100% - Sweet and mild with a flavor similar to hickory, but not as strong. Good for most things including poultry, beef, pork and cheese. Pecan is the best for that beautiful golden-brown turkey.


PAYMENT - I can take paypal, but request that the buyer pay any fee involved, paypal gift has worked well for everyone and usually has no fees. I would much prefer payment in advance of order as I have to put this on my CC. I understand people may be nervous paying someone they do not know in advance. Just PM me and we can work it out.
SHIPPING - I have INCLUDED freight to Puyallup, WA in the pricing below. It usually takes a couple days to process the order after I submit and pay for it. Transit then takes an average of 7 business days to get to me.
DELIVERY - I will handle logistics and have these delivered to my work since I have a full warehouse/dock facility with forklifts. I work in Puyallup, live near Tacoma/Puyallup border, pick-up would be in that area.

Just touch base when you place your order and we will get it arranged.

NORTH END, SOUTH END AND EAST SIDE FOLKS - I have the ability to haul large amounts now with a trailer. If you want to get together and do a bulk buy let me know and we can work out a flat delivery charge. I have found it is usually less that the cost of residential delivery by freight carriers.

Re: GROUP BUY #8-BULK Wood Pellets for Pellet Grills.

Mon Nov 07, 2016 5:21 am


ORDER TALLY: 79 bags
Fire*guy: 9 bags
Trophyhunt: 13 bags
Boone: 5 bags
Odell: 6bags
Firedog: 12bags
PolarBear: 10bags
Sigman: 24bags (PAID)
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Re: GROUP BUY #8-BULK Wood Pellets for Pellet Grills.

Wed Nov 09, 2016 1:57 pm

Closing this group buy down, order went in this morning, thanks all!

Re: GROUP BUY #8-BULK Wood Pellets for Pellet Grills.

Tue Nov 15, 2016 9:12 am

Just a quick update. The order has left the factory and is in transit. It is showing due to land Friday, but they often are a day late. I will update everyone Thurs evening on any changes I see. But if the pellets land Friday I should be available all weekend if people wish to meet up.

Re: GROUP BUY #8-BULK Wood Pellets for Pellet Grills.

Tue Nov 15, 2016 8:38 pm

Larry, I missed this GB. If you have any unclaimed, please pm me. I will be interested in buying them. Thanks.

Re: GROUP BUY #8-BULK Wood Pellets for Pellet Grills.

Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:29 am

Same. I missed it as well and would be interested in getting some pellets. Just got a larger Traeger and I need to feed it! :)

Re: GROUP BUY #8-BULK Wood Pellets for Pellet Grills.

Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:46 am

I just finished a group buy last month. It will be at least 3 months before the next one.

I am a stock dealer, so they are always available, I have plenty of stock onhand (3tons), take a look and drop me a PM with what you want and we can get it figured out.

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